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Broadband :: Australian Broadband Provider Guide
Broadband: It's not  a glossy wizz-bang site  - but you have found an Australian helpful buyers' guide to broadband providers.   Updated April 2006
The Broadband Providers website has proven a great place for many Australian users to find our about this high-speed internet stuff.  
It's pages cover most of the things you need to know when comparing broadband - speed, price, usage, compatibility, and the rest.
The main tip that we can give you, is to know exactly what you want from a broadband internet provider before you move on to completing your final choice.
This broadband provider website will give you an overview of what broadband is, how it can work, what the benefits are over your standard dial-up internet connection, and how to begin your /brobroadband journey.
Just remember, you can move away to any part of the site, by using the navigation at the top and bottom of this page - and come back if you havent found the broadband provider that you are looking for.
What is broadband and how does it work?
You should know by now that Broadband is simply a much faster way of connecting your computer to the internet (this is in comparison to a traditional 'dial-up' way over the telephone line). You can receive and send your information a lot quicker with broadband.  You generally pay a flat fee every month, and shouldnt have to be concerned about dialling a provider or disconnecting when you have finished
Types of Broadband
There are different types of broadband, but the main types to consider are Wirelss, ADSL and Cable Broadband.  You can find more information on these types on this website. There are some areas of Australia that cannot receive some of these broadband services, which is why you need to use this website to look at the options available to you by each provider.
Whats Next?
This is a fairly new website, and we will be adding more content as we go.  However, many users have already found what they are looking for by starting there search from navigation here - so we hope you will bookmark our page if you find it useful in locating your internet provider too.
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